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 新規予約受付停止日:2021年3月1日(月)  18:00
 運用終了日:2021年3月31日(水)  18:00


国立情報学研究所 学術基盤課 学術認証推進室

National Institute of Informatics provides some MCU (Multipoint Control Unit, H.323 Standard) which supports remote video conferencing among multiple sites.

These MCUs are reserved via FaMCUs service from organizations participating GakuNin Federation.

You can connect to the MCUs using the following applications in addition to dedicated appliances provided by Polycom, Cisco (Tandberg), Lifesize, Sony, etc.

  1. ConferenceMe (Free, Windows only, option software for Cisco Terepresence MCU (formerly Tandberg Codian MCU)
    Install the application by accessing the following URL:
    This application uses 5082/UDP. In case 5082/UDP is blocked by firewalls, fall-backs to TCP which may cause large latency.
    Newer version supports Web proxy.

  2. Skype (Free, Voice only)
    See section 4 of the manual:
    In brief,
    1) call one of Skype users niigw[0-9]
    2) send DTMF like 91# 123456# using dial pad
    Here, 91 is a selector of MCU, and 123456 should be replaced with a room number reserved.

  3. Polycom RealPresence Mobile (Free, supports only iPad and some specific Android)
    iPhone/iPod touch is not supported.
    By setting not to use server, sign-in process will be skipped and you can user with stand-alone mode.
    When inside of NAPT router, NAPT router may be requred to configure port forwarding or UPnP feature.

  4. ClearSea in the cloud (Free for 7 days, Windows/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android)
    NAPT traverse supported.
    You can use for 7 days with unlimited feature by signing-up via following URL:
    When 7 days passed, you will disconnected after 5 minutes. Standard subscription costs 29USD/month.

  5. Xmeeting (Included in Mac OX X)
    There is information that 0.3.4a does not works, but 0.4p2 works...

  6. Ekiga on Windows (Free)
    See for detail.
    H.323 can be used if H.323 configuration is enabled. SIP also be supported.
    Some environment may not support video transmission.

  7. Polycom PVX (Not Free, for Windows)
    8.0.16 was released in 2010. Automatic detection for outside IP address of NAPT router. But you may be required to configure whether you are behind NAPT router. It depends on feature of NAPT router.
    You can specify room number with IP address like: IP-address##room. (Polycom style addressing)

  8. Polycom RealPresence Desktop (Free for 30 days, Windows/Mac)
    Provided since 2012 as successor of Polycom PVX. Mac is supported in version 3.0 or later.
    It seems that NAPT traversal is supported, there is no configuration menu on NAPT though.
    ( )

  9. LifeSize SoftPhone (Free for 30 days, Windows/Mac)
    You can get a license code for 30 days trial on the site.
    ( )
    If you are behind NAPT, you are required to find out outside IP address of the NAPT, and set it in configuration. It seems NAPT traversal feature of Softphone is more powerful than Polycom PVX.
    Softphone supports 3 party meeting without MCU.
    You can specify room number with IP address like: room@IP-address (SIP style addressing)
    Note that Softphone will keep stay even if you close conference window.

  10. Vidyo Desktop (You can reserve an short term login account to use via FaMCUs (GakuNin authentication required), Windows/Mac)
    This may be useful even with narrow bandwidth network.
    Vidyo Mobile (iOS/Android) can also be used. But you are required to be called from remote side.
    You can specify room number with IP address like: IP-address,room
    Note that VidyoDesktop will keep stay even if you close conference window.

Yamaha PJP-25UR or something like that may be useful for comfortable conferencing with iPad ( special cable required).

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