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1. Attribute Definision

Please uncomment the definition of following attributes.

See also Internet2 eduPerson project page

An example of "mail" attribute to be enable

    <resolver:AttributeDefinition xsi:type="ad:Simple" id="uid" sourceAttributeID="uid">
        <resolver:Dependency ref="myLDAP" />
        <resolver:AttributeEncoder xsi:type="enc:SAML1String" name="urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:uid" />
        <resolver:AttributeEncoder xsi:type="enc:SAML2String" name="urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1" friendlyName="uid" />
    --> ← Add comment end
    <resolver:AttributeDefinition xsi:type="ad:Simple" id="email" sourceAttributeID="mail">
        <resolver:Dependency ref="myLDAP" />
        <resolver:AttributeEncoder xsi:type="enc:SAML1String" name="urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:mail" />
        <resolver:AttributeEncoder xsi:type="enc:SAML2String" name="urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3" friendlyName="mail" />
    <!-- ← Add comment begin
    <resolver:AttributeDefinition xsi:type="ad:Simple" id="homePhone" sourceAttributeID="homePhone">
        <resolver:Dependency ref="myLDAP" />


2. LDAP Connector Setting

    <!-- Example LDAP Connector -->
    <!-- --> ← Add comment end
    <resolver:DataConnector id="myLDAP" xsi:type="LDAPDirectory" xmlns="urn:mace:shibboleth:2.0:resolver:dc"
        ldapURL="ldap://localhost" ← LDAP URL
        baseDN="dc=sifulan,dc=asia" ← LDAP baseDN
        principal="cn=Manager,dc=sifulan,dc=asia" ← LDAP principal
        principalCredential="sifulanldap"> ← LDAP Password
    <!-- --> ← Add comment begin


3. Computed ID Connector Setting

This configuration is required since eduPersonTargetedID has a dependency of computed ID connector.

    <!-- Computed targeted ID connector -->
    <!-- --> ← Add comment end
    <resolver:DataConnector xsi:type="dc:ComputedId"
                            salt="your random string here">
        <resolver:Dependency ref="myLDAP" />
    <!-- --> ← Add comment begin

The salt is important so that SP cannot guess users' uid. You can generate a random string with openssl command like this.

# openssl rand -base64 20


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