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1. Shibboleth Configuration

Shibboleth SP is installed under /etc/shibboleth/ by default.
Configuration file is also located under the directory.

2. Metadata Preparation

3. Connection Test

Related log is as follows.
/var/log/shibboleth/{shibd.log, shibd_warn.log}
  SP related log such as SAML, Metadata and security related log.
/var/log/shibboleth-www/{native.log, native_warn.log} (when you installed SP 2.5.4 or later)
/var/log/httpd/{native.log, native_warn.log} (SP 2.5.3 or earlier)

  mod_shib related log. This log file have to be refereed to only if the information in shibd.log is not enough.
  SP transaction log. This log file includes the information about session start and end, and attributes.

Log level of these files can be customized by modifying /etc/shibboleth/{shibd.logger , native.logger} .



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