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  • Shibboleth Setting
    1. relying-party.xml
      Major Configuration: entityID, automatic metadata download.
    2. handler.xml
      Major Configuration: Method for login.
      →Modify the "Type" to be "UsernamePassword" and then just refer to login.config
    3. login.config
      Major Configuration: LDAP configuration for authentication.
      (ldapURL,baseDn, userFilter,subtreeSearch,SSL)
    4. attribute-resolver.xml
      Major Configuration: Principle definition of attribute and its resolution, which is obtained from LDAP
      Original source of attribute (LDAP,ComputedID etc.)
    5. attribute-filter.xml
      Major Configuration: Selection of attributes to be sent to each SP.
    6. IdP Metadata PreparataionPreparation


†  If you modify each setting file, please restart the tomcat and then check the following log file.