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  • /usr/local/map/app/config/database.php
    In the 'password' => '',  set the password defined at “6. Installing and Setting Up MariaDB”
  • /usr/local/map/app/config/mail.php
    In the 'host' => '', set the SMTP server.
    In the $from, $this->from, set the FROM address of the email which will be send from this server.
    In the $footer_jp_map, $footer_jp_test, $footer_eng_map and $footer_eng_test, modify to the appropriate sentences as you want.
  • /usr/local/map/app/config/system.php
    In the "host" and the host of "loginlink" in $config["production"], $config["test"], set the host name of this server.
  • Registration of System Administrator
    Create a new account by accessing to the following URL.
    After selecting the IdP and then login, create a new account.

    Register the Administrator of the Database.

    Code Block
    $ mysql -u vouser vo -pYOUR-OWN-PASSWORD
    mysql> select id,name,mail from accounts;
    Find your ID by the above command, and then and execute the following SQL to your ID.
    mysql> insert into mygroups(account_id, groupid, admin, created, modified) values(YOUR-ACCOUNT-ID, 1, 1, UTC_TIMESTAMP(), UTC_TIMESTAMP());
    mysql> insert into mygroups(account_id, groupid, admin, created, modified) values(1, 1, 1, UTC_TIMESTAMP(), UTC_TIMESTAMP());
Registration of


By the following commands, will be registered IdP administrators.

Code Block
$ cd /usr/local/map/cake/console
$ ./cake -app /usr/local/map/app idp_administrator /path/to/somewhere/idp_administrator.tsv

/path/to/somewhere/idp_administrator.tsv must be created in the format below.

Code Block
#eppn	eptid	entityID
Registration of organizations

By the following commands, organization which if a part of the federaton member will be registered.