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Entry NumInstitutionsStart Date
33Tokyo Institute of Technology


32University of Tsukuba2021/07/06
31Fukuoka Institute of Technology2021/06/25
30Ochanomizu University2021/06/24
29Shiga University of Medical Science2021/06/22
28Hamamatsu University School of Medicine2021/06/04
27Mie University2021/06/03
26RIKEN Data Management System Unit., Infrastructure Research and Development Division, Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters2021/05/13
25Kumamoto University2021/05/12
24Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology2021/04/15
23Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure(Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)2021/03/11
22Seijo University2021/03/05
21Shinshu University2021/01/15
20Keio University2020/12/2
19Specified Non-Profit Corporation, Cyber Campus Consortium TIES (NPO CCC-TIES)2020/10/29
18Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine2020/06/10
17Osaka University2020/02/26
16University of Fukui2020/01/28
15Otaru University of Commerce2020/01/28
14Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology2020/01/24
13Kobe University2019/12/05
12Gunma University2019/12/04
11Tohoku University2019/10/03
10Chiba University2019/09/13
9Kitami Institute of Technology2019/09/06
8Hiroshima University2019/08/29
7University of Toyama2019/07/11
6Kyushu University2019/06/25
5The University of Tokyo2019/05/31
4Kanazawa University2019/05/27
3Hokkaido University2019/05/23
2Nagoya University2019/03/15
1Kyoto University2019/03/15
0National Institute of Informatics2019/01/03