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National Institute of Informatics (NII) is developing an "Online Analysis System" as part of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) project to promote the construction of a data infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences.

This system started a demonstration experiment (closed beta test) in October 2020, and is currently looking for universities and research institutions to participate in the experiment. If you are interested, please contact the person in charge at the bottom of this page.

What is our Online Analysis System

  • NII provides Jupyter Notebook and RStudio execution environment on the cloud.

  • Researchers can log in to the online analysis system and immediately create and run programs in R or Python.
  • Collaborators and students can import publicly available research data and programs into the online analysis system at the touch of a button and begin analyzing the data immediately.

  • It is also suitable for use in seminars, lectures, and exercises where the analysis environment is provided to a large number of students. This reduces the burden on teachers and instructors to build the environment. 

Outline of the Demonstration Experiment

Participation Requirements

  • This system is available for those who belong to institutions (university, etc.) that are the users of the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan, “GakuNin”, and have accounts linked to GakuNin.

  • We are also accepting OpenIdP accounts registered with the email addresses with the or domains on a temporary basis so that academic research institutions which are not GakuNin participants can try it out.
    • If you are a university or an academic research institution with a domain name other than the above, please contact the person in charge below to try out the online analysis system.

What we would like you to understand and cooperate with

  • The purpose of the demonstration experiment is to evaluate the practicality of the system and identify areas for improvement prior to the full-scale provision of the service.
  • Please be aware that there is a possibility that problems may occur with the system and you may not be able to continue using it. Please prepare a backup plan in advance in case this happens.
  • Please report any system problems or user complaints to NII. We will respond with best effort. We will use your report as valuable information for improvement.
  • NII technicians may investigate the user's work history and stored data to determine the cause of the problem.
  • There is a possibility that the system will be stopped during the daytime on weekdays for maintenance. In this case, we will notify and consult with you in advance about the time of implementation.
  • Data stored on this system will not be retained permanently. Please do not use this system as a storage location for important data.


  • October 2020~ Demonstration experiment (closed beta test)
  • April 2022~ Test operation (open beta test)

  The schedule may be subject to change. We will consult with you on a case-by-case basis if any consideration is required.

Contact Information

  Research Center for Open Science, National Institute of Informatics

  Ikki Fujiwara, Online Analysis System <>

Student Guide

Please read this section if you wish to attend a class or seminar held using this system.

Instructor Guide

If you are a researcher, teacher or lecturer using this system, please read this section.

How to use OpenIdP

If you are new to OpenIdP, please read this section.

Guide for Information Infrastructure Professionals

If your institution uses this system and you are the department responsible for 'GakuNin' and the off-campus network, please read this section.

Developer Guide

Developer's page (for internal use)