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This page shows precautions and disclaimers for the following services.

  • GakuNin Federated Computing Services at NII
  • JDCat Analysis Tool
  • Any other services provided by NII under the domain



Please be aware of the following points before using this service.

  • This service is under trial operation and reliability is not guaranteed. There is a possibility that the service may stop without notice, or that the runtime environment created by the user may be lost.
  • Runtime environments created on this service are not permanently retained. Runtime environments that have not been used for a certain period of time, including the data stored in them, will be deleted by NII's administrators.
  • Do not store confidential information on this service. NII's technicians may examine the user's work history and stored data when necessary.
  • NII is not responsible for any consequences resulting from your use or inability to use this service.

Incident Response Policy

The following actions are considered to be abuse.

  • Using the functions of this service to configure a crawler to generate high frequency/volume communications to a third party's web server.
  • Configuring a web server using the functions of this service to enable the transmission of data to an unspecified third party.
  • Sending e-mail to unspecified third parties by configuring a mail server using the functions of this service.    Any other acts that NII deems to cause trouble to a third party.
  • Mining of virtual currency using the functions of the Service.
  • Use of P2P file sharing software using the functions of the Service.
  • Other acts that NII recognizes as causing trouble to other users of the Service.

The following response policy is provided in case problems occur due to the intentional or negligent actions of the users.

  • NII will record the user's behavior on the Service. Specifically, the following information will be logged.
    • User information obtained from IdP (eduPersonPrincipalName, mail).
    • Login time, logout time.
    • Unique ID, IP address, and port number of the container.
    • Other information necessary for follow-up investigation.
  • When NII detects that a user is using the service illegally, NII will take the following actions.
    • Temporarily prohibit the user from using the System.
    • Maintain a log of the user's activities.
    • Notify the department in charge of GakuNin at the institution to which the user belongs, and provide them with the log.

If you receive a notification that a user at your institution is using the service illegally, please cooperate with the following measures.

  • Take the same action against the user as you would have taken if the user had committed the same act on your system.
  • Report the status of the action to NII.

NII will decide whether or not to allow the user to resume using the system based on the status of the reported action.

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