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  • CentOS 7 with MariaDB

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sudo yum -y install firewalld
systemctl enable firewalld.service
systemctl start firewalld.service
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=https
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=http
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Middleware Installation

Web Server,


MariaDB, Full Text Search Engine and PHP

There are version dependency between MySQL and Mroonga which will be installed in the next section.
In order to solve the dependency, MySQL have to be installed from the CentOS Vault.WEKO utilize Groonga and Mroonga for the full text search engine.
Groonga:, Mroonga:
Following instruction refers

Code Block
sudo yum install -y httpd
sudo yum remove -y mysql-libs
sudo rpm -ivh systemctl enable mariadb
sudo systemctl start mariadb
sudo yum install -y
sudo yum makecache
sudo yum install -y perlmariadb-DBD-MySQLserver
sudo rpmsystemctl -ivh mariadb
sudo rpmsystemctl -ivh mariadb
sudo yum install -y php php-mbstring php-gd php-xml php-mysql
sudo chkconfig httpd on
sudo chkconfig mysqld on
sudo service httpd start
sudo service mysqld start


sudo yum install mysql-server


WEKO utilize 

sudo systemctl enable httpd