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Procedure to Install the Certificate (PKCS#12 file)

1. Select the Certificate (PKCS#12 file) issued by this Service.   

2. Click [Next (N)] in the Security Import Wizard.   

3. Make sure that the Certificate (PKCS#12 file) issued by this Service is selected in the [File name (F)] field and click [Next (N)].  

4. Enter the Access PIN issued by this Service in the [Password (P)] field.  
Check the [Mark this key as exportable (M)] and [Include all extended properties (A)] checkboxes click [Next (N)].  

Please do not check the [Enable strong private key protection (E)] . If checked, the client certificate will not work properly.

5. Select [Store all certificates in the following store (P)] and click [Browse...(R)].   

6. In the [Select Certificate Store] dialog, select [Personal] and click [OK].   

7. After confirming that [Personal] appears in the [Certificate store:] box, click [Next (N)].  

8. Click [Finish].   

9. Click [OK].  

This completes installation of the Certificate (PKCS#12 file) into the web browser.