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SP名称が"Microsoft Academic Verification Engine"に変更になっています。(2013-09-13)
詳細: [upki-fed:00690] Re: Microsoft DreamSpark 最新提供ソフトウエアご紹介



2012/01/26 DreamSpark認証方法の変更について


過去のDreamSparkが要求していた属性情報: (現在はリンク切れ)

Microsoft DreamSpark Attribute Information

For granting access to users to download software products from Microsoft DreamSpark site, the DreamSpark SP needs at least one of the following from our trusted Shibboleth Identity Providers:
  • Name identifier assertion subject
  • Built-in header Shib-IdentityProvider-Name
Additionally (optional), we recommend (for preventing piracy and providing better user experience) Identity Providers to kindly release the following attributes as well:
  • eduPersonScopedAffilation OR eduPersonAffiliation OR eduPersonUnscopedAffiliation
  • eduPersonPrincipalName OR eduPersonTargetedID
Please note that our policies are likely to change over time. Therefore, please visit this page often for any updated policy requirements.
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