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With CHiLO Books, first start by developing a standard general learning course and provide it to the learners. Then by observing the learning outcomes of the learners, you can redesign the standard course or replace them with other CHiLO Books according to the learners using the trail-and-error method.

Analyze & Design
The step to break down the learning contents of the standard learning course to tasks or knowledge and create CHiLO Lectures.


The step to decide the assessment method of the learning outcomes and the evaluation criteria using Moodle. Then package them along with CHiLO Lectures.

The step to deploy CHiLO Books to learners using learning space such as Moodle and social networking sites.

The step to evaluate the learning outcomes of the learners from the Moodle badges.


The step to redesign CHiLO Books or deploy other CHiLO Books according to the learners' level by analyzing the learning outcome using the trial-and-error method.

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